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An ignitable fuel such as grease, a product of cooking, can ignite from a simple spark in a kitchen and spread throughout an attic or onto a roof in seconds, causing severe damage and potentially losing life. We clean both commercial and residential kitchen and bathroom exhaust systems. Our Clear Air Duct Cleaning Team of professionally trained and certified technicians will clean your entire system, ensuring that it is compliant with NFPA standard. Cleaning includes the range hood, the duct work, the fan, and the roof, if necessary.

Regularly cleaning your exhaust system is essential not only for the safety of your customers, employees, and your building, but also to ensure compliance with government regulations for commercial kitchens. Our team of experts covers your entire kitchen in plastic sheets to protect the equipment and appliances. At the end of our work, you’ll find your kitchen spotless, since all debris, garbage, and kitchen grease will have been removed. Our cleaning services will ensure that your staff returns to a kitchen that is ready for them in the morning. We will keep the visit to a minimum so you can resume work immediately.

Clean Exhaust Systems Offer Several Benefits

  • Health standards improved
  • The risk of fire is reduced
  • The removal of smoke and odors could be improved with more ventilation
  • Fire and health code compliance
  • Increased inspection ratings for the government
  • Increased energy savings
  • Product contamination is minimized and the work environment is cleaner
Dirty exhaust vent

The importance of Bathroom and Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

It’s likely you don’t think much about your home’s exhaust fans if you’re like most people. In the bathroom and kitchen, they perform important tasks and shouldn’t be ignored. It is important for each of these types of exhaust fans to ventilate the air outside of your home, and each of them serves a specific purpose.

The exhaust fan in the kitchen removes not only steam from cooking, but also smoke, odors, heat, and even grease. Every time you cook, you should use your kitchen exhaust fan. However, grease will build up on the exhaust fan filters and eventually make its way to the fan itself. If grease is allowed to build up on these fans, it will eventually affect their performance and may lead to their failure. Occasionally, a grease fire may result in a more dangerous situation. As a result, you should clean your kitchen exhaust fan once a year.

NFPA statistics show that approximately 61% of restaurant fires between 2010 and 2014 were caused by cooking equipment or materials, which are the items that begin to ignite and therefore start the fire. Approximately three out of five fires and 38% of direct property damage comes from these sources.

National Fire Protection Association

A grease-filled kitchen exhaust fan filter also poses a fire hazard. You should cleaned these at least once a year. Additionally, grease can drip down onto an ignition source, such as hot pans or heating elements, and cause a grease fire. For the safety of those living in your home, it is very important to keep these filters clean.

Bathroom Exhaust can be a hidden danger.

It’s important to have an exhaust fan in the bathroom to eliminate both moisture and odors. As a result, the removal of moisture, the more important function, is critical because mold and mildew can form when moisture is too high. A bathroom with too much moisture could damage or remove paint or wallpaper, among other things. After taking a shower, turn on the bathroom exhaust fan for roughly twenty minutes to dispel any moisture build up. Run the fan for 25-30 minutes when you take especially hot showers.

Don’t overlook bathroom exhaust fans as fire hazards, They can pose a real threat as well. In hot conditions, the buildup of lint and dust on the fan can ignite the materials around it, causing them to catch fire as well. While it is important to use your bathroom exhaust fan long enough to eliminate excess moisture from the bathroom, you should not run it longer than necessary. Our experienced technicians can look at different methods to allow your exhaust fan to appropriate time.

While your having your Kitchen and Bathroom Exhaust cleaned, have us look at your dryer vent and get a free quote for a complete duct cleaning for you Home or business.

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